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Two of Wands and Full Moon in Libra Oracle card

Today, the Two of Wands is telling us that it's a day of growth and decisions. If you've had an idea forming, today is a good day to put your long term plans into action. Sometimes it takes a leap of faith, but if you've listened to your intuition, and done your homework, today you need to move on with your plans. The world is out there to be discovered and it doesn't exist within your four walls. Sometimes we need to leave our comfort zone, be brave, and take the plunge into the unknown.

The Full Moon in Libra Oracle card is extremely positive. It suggests the start of a new relationship/partnership, a new level of commitment. It can also suggest the end of an era within a relationship but it's time for that era to end, and it signals a beginning. We're also being told today that with a give and take attitude, 'A win-win outcome is forecast'. You can't ask for better than that.

Happy Saturday!

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