• Kate

Three of Swords (Reversed) - Monday 5 October

Today you may be feeling self critical, and full of self-doubt. Don't let that inner voice get to you. You don't need to listen to that bully. By all means, take a good hard look at areas you'd like to improve, but don't get dragged down. You may be feeling ultra sensitive today, and the things people say to you may affect you more than they would normally.

If you've been through a rough time recently within a relationship, things are on the up. The worst is over. Now is a good time to look deep within and let go of any of your own behaviours that may be holding you back.

I think today I'm probably going to write down any of my gripes rather than vent to anybody specifically. If I'm over sensitive today, chances are that other people will be too! Apart from anything else, writing things down gets things out of my head. Today may be a good day to start a journal.

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