• Kate

The Tower and Earth Guardian

Expect a sudden and dramatic change today. The Tower looks pretty frightening at first glance but in fact, isn't all that bad. Yes, you may be about to experience something uncomfortable BUT this has to happen. It may be time to leave something behind that isn't serving you well, or to rebuild something totally from scratch. The Universe's reasons for this may not be obvious today, but in time they will become clear. Some things naturally run their course, and this card is giving us the 'heads up' to prepare for deep change.

The other message today from the Earth Guardian is 'to stay rooted and grounded'. Just because the Tower may fall down, the foundations will still be in place for rebuilding. This card is advising that whatever happens, it's important to take a grounded approach. Take a step back, ground yourself and only then make any decisions. Meditate!

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