• Kate

The Hanged Man & Full Moon in Aries Oracle

Do you feel like you've been waiting for ages for something to come to fruition? Are you feeling frustrated that all your efforts seem to be coming to nothing? If so, The Hanged Man is visiting today to let us know that this is all for a greater purpose. Things really are happening out there in the universe. For me (definitely), this has been a lesson in patience. It drives me nuts having to wait around for things to happen, and The Hanged Man is telling us quite firmly that we just have to wait, and use this time to increase our knowledge.

The appearance of the Full Moon in Aries card is a warning not to let our frustrations make us unreasonable. We may find our emotions are running high, borne out of our frustration, and we are more likely to say something unkind or unwise to someone else. On this occasion, the result could be explosive, so it's probably better to bite that tongue, meditate, and (sigh) wait. Have a peaceful Tuesday!

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