• Kate

The Empress - Saturday 10 October

Well hello milady! What a pleasure it is to see you today.

In my opinion, The Empress is all that's good in the world. She stands for abundance and material comfort. She's telling us that all our needs will be met today. She's that mother figure we sometimes all need in our lives. So, if you're feeling a little low, in need of comfort, draw on this beautiful lady's energies today.

If you're thinking of doing some home decorating, today is a good day to start, or maybe (weather permitting), get out in the garden and do some preparation for the coming Winter months. You'll find lots of dead leaves. Perhaps make a pile of these in a corner and leave for the hedgehogs to hibernate in.

If you're meeting a potential love interest today, things will go well, and things within your family unit should be peaceful.

Everything about The Empress inspires me. The crown on her head symbolises unity, the laurel wreath stands for peace and success and the shield with the symbol of the Goddess Venus is all about beauty and creativity.

I wish you all a loving and abundant Saturday!

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