• Kate

The Eight of Swords - 25 September 2020

This card instantly shouts ' Self Imposed Restriction' to me. It depicts a hostage situation and the woman in the image is blindfolded with her hands tied. However, the woman's feet are NOT bound and she is able to walk away from her current situation (if she wants to). The water at her feet suggests that maybe she should use her intuition to break free. This card can signify frustration within a certain area. Whoever gets this card in a reading may be feeling under pressure to conform but wants to break free. The number eight signifies change and renewal.

I'm going to take this card as a positive today. I believe it relates to a current situation in my life where I find myself at a crossroads. The ties that bind me are circumstantial mainly, perhaps with a little of my own procrastination thrown in the mix. With determination, by heeding my instincts, and the will to succeed, I KNOW that I can release myself from any bonds.

Nothing is a problem and EVERYTHING has a solution.

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