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Queen of Cups & New Moon in Capricorn Oracle - Wednesday 21 October

I'm going to start by wishing you Happy Wednesday as the cards I've drawn today are quite fabulous.

The Queen of Cups has shown up to tell us that our intuition is on fire today. Today let your heart rule your head. Often when our intuition is on point, we find that our creativity is strong, so make the most of that today. Be aware today of the signs the universe is giving you, because they WILL be there, and probably in abundance. If something feels 'wrong' today, it probably is!

The Queen of Cups is a nurturing soul, so you may be called upon for emotional support. If you're naturally intuitive or empathetic, be careful to ground yourself or you may find your energy levels are depleted very quickly.

The message from the New Moon in Capricorn Oracle card is suggesting a new start professionally. There is an improvement to your current situation. If you're really unhappy with what you're doing now, draw up a plan of where you want to be in 12 months. This will guide you on the path of making it a reality. If you haven't felt recognised within your current role, changes are coming for the better. "Your hard work is paying off".

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