• Kate

Page of Pentacles AND Disseminating Moon

I've chosen two cards today; one from my usual deck and one from my Moonology Oracle deck.

The Page of Pentacles today is pointing towards someone that's hardworking and reliable, dedicated to what they believe in. There is great potential in this person so you must believe in them. They are going to succeed and won't give up. If this is you, believe in yourself.

The Disseminating Moon card is telling us not to forge on ahead blindly. It's time to accept that the universe is working for us and it's time to breathe. Could we do something differently to the way we've been doing it? Now is the time to sit back and look at the bigger picture. See what improvements can be made, if at all.

These two cards together, like a set of weighing scales, seem to be balancing each other out. The Page of Pentacles is suggesting a new venture but the Disseminating Moon is suggesting that we take a step back temporarily. I think it's a very positive combination that is telling us that our dream is going to work, but we need to take stock right now and be patient.

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