• Kate

Nine of Pentacles (Reversed) & New Moon in Gemini Oracle

Today's card is all about how you're feeling about yourself and your own self-worth. You may be questioning your position or authority in general. You may be worrying that you don't have enough in the way of finances at your disposal.

Today is all about increasing your self-worth. It's time for some self-belief. You ARE worth the salary you're being paid. You ARE capable of learning something new, and you ARE worth treating yourself to a little something. Take a break, and look at what you do have and be grateful for that. Finances and the worry that they bring can take a back seat today.

I also drew the New Moon in Gemini card from my Moon Oracle deck. This card as it states is advising that communication today is key. It's suggesting that a situation within your life would benefit from better communication today as it will bring in a new start. It's a good time to wipe the slate clean as it were. Tell someone how you're feeling. It'll open doors.

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