• Kate

Knight of Cups & the Supermoon Oracle

Whoa. Things are going to be intense today looking at these two cards, but let's start with the brooding Knight of Cups.

Knights are action cards and full of energy. If they're on a mission, it's best to go with the flow and clear a path for them. The suit of Cups focuses on emotions, and in particular matters of the heart. This Knight can be very single minded in the pursuit of whatever is in his heart. If this is you, try to remember that there are other aspects within your life that need attention (not just your love life). If this is someone close to you, it's best to guide them gently and from a distance. They won't really be open to any rational guidance today.

The Supermoon card is larger than life and of course we know that the Moon rules the emotions. Today as I said is going to be intense. This is however a really positive card and is full of opportunities. Some of these opportunities don't come around every day, so take action. With emotions running high, and with both of these powerful cards, try not to blow things out of proportion today. Happy Friday!

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