• Kate

Four of Swords

If you've been through a time of pain or chaos within an area of your life, the Four of Swords is telling you to retreat, and to conserve your energy. It's time for some self-love so that you can re-emerge stronger and more prepared for any challenges coming your way.

Rest. Take an impromptu nap. Sometimes things just get a little too much for us to deal with mentally. Of course, a nap won't solve your problems BUT it will refresh you and give you more clarity than you started with. When we're tired or mentally exhausted, we tend to blow everything out of proportion. The Four of Swords today is telling us that we need to rest. You may not be able to nap during the day. That's ok. A meditation or doing something out of the ordinary will do the same job. A change is as good as a rest they say!

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