• Kate

Five of swords - Saturday 3 October

Today's card is showing the potential for conflict and stress. It's telling you to stand your ground but know when to walk away with dignity. Sometimes we have a tendency (at least I do) to grab something firmly between the teeth and not let go. My stubborn tendency is something I'm working on, and the Five of Swords is telling me to let it go today.

If harsh words have been exchanged, don't be too proud to apologise today. It will do wonders for your relationship, and go a long way to healing any bruises. It's also really good for your soul. Once you've apologised, you'll 100% feel better about it. The other person may take a while to come down from the ceiling, but they will soon enough, and if they don't, just put it down to experience. You'll probably receive your own apology too.

I woke up feeling annoyed by everything this morning. Little niggles, you know! Having seen this card today, I'm absolutely going to get over myself!

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