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Ace of Pentacles (Reversed) - Monday 28 September 2020

It's odd that I created a post yesterday about reversed Tarot cards, and one has reared it's head today! I've used my new deck this morning, which I already love.

The Ace of Pentacles in reverse can reveal that someone is fixed on one particular goal. This fixation may mean that other areas of life may suffer. You may be being treated unfairly . There may be a lack of financial planning happening within your life, or you may be struggling to receive a payment for work you've already carried out. This card reversed can show gambling or out of control spending. Basically, it's suggesting that now is NOT the time to take any financial risks.

Today, I'm going to ensure that I don't make any unnecessary purchases. Perhaps an unexpected bill is on it's way. Today is a day of caution in all areas of finances and within working life.

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